A very fertile event

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Hello, coffee fans. In this article, we tell you everything about the last event where we were present. A spectacular meeting at the International Convention Center of Barcelona that was coming with “a fast tail”. Thousands of people from all over the world gathered at the forum this week, to attend the congresses of important brands of medical technology, renowned clinics and large pharmaceutical companies with something as beautiful as this common goal: the creation of life.

The 21st-century stork is here

These groups of doctors and professionals of artificial insemination, research for fertility and technology applied to the creation of life, filled the incommensurable multipurpose room of the Barcelona forum, to expose their incredible advances in fertility, pregnancy, and genetics. Really amazing things that seemed like from futuristic movies are already a reality: getting pregnant without the intervention of the father, selecting the strongest sperm among the thousands that go towards the ovule, or that a woman lives a completely normal and safe pregnancy at her 60 years, there are no limitations for those who want to be mothers. Awesome.

Hungry assistants, knowledge … and sandwiches

To the more than 4500 participants of the event, it was necessary to feed them. The logistical challenge that represented to feed so many people in a few minutes, was intelligently solved by the catering team with a nice picnic, presented with strategy in bags differentiated by colors. There was something for everyone: traditional, fish, vegetarian, gluten-free, nobody was left unattended or hungry. The bag contained different types of sandwiches, a salad with couscous, a dressing based on yogurt, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit. Attendees loved this solution, many were seen as children in the corners of the room, sitting barefoot on the carpet and chatting with colleagues during the break.

And, of course, coffee time

Here is where we came in. So much information and stimuli can only be supported by the best coffee, one that awakens us a little but doesn’t get to alter us, with the perfect balance between caffeine, aroma, and flavor. My team of champions baristas, consisting of Dani, Javi, and Ivette, was at the ready to serve non-stop coffees during the 2 days of the event. Nothing less than 2277 coffees in two days! And all the coffees served were perfect! Congratulations to the team and don´t fall asleep because very soon we will see each other at the next event. And to you, my dear readers, in the following post, where we will tell you the details. Thanks a lot and till the next chronicle.

Xavi Iglesias

In love with coffee and service



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