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Loring: the star of roasters

Hello, my unconditional coffee lovers. I wanted to tell you that this last September I had the opportunity and the pleasure of traveling to Denmark, to know an innovative alternative in terms of roasting coffee that surely you’ll love. Here we tell you everything about it.

The journey

An enriching experience, a very beautiful country, all surrounded by the sea. Its main city really beautiful, with a very active life, I was blessed with a sunny day and it was full of bikes anywhere you looked. Everything was very well organized and, of course, the factory was not going to be different. As soon as I arrived, they gave me an express course of roasting, then we went to eat typical things and there they explained to me the infinite possibilities of the machine. The differences that it has with others machines that already exist in the market are obvious. I had the chance to really see what can be done with a really good tool in your hands. Next, I explain in detail how is this beautiful roasting machine.

The fantastic Loring smart roaster

Tostadora LORIN

Why roast your coffee with a good machine?
I believe it is important to have an idea behind the choice of a roaster machine and how that choice correlates to what kind of coffee you want to have or how you want your coffee to taste. So:

Reason number 1: It’s ecological

The Loring roaster is very friendly to the environment. It is, by far, the cleanest machine in terms of emissions, and that’s a really good thing.
Aside from needing less gas to work, it also reuses energy. Roasting with this machine, you are working with air that is circulating continuously, and that hot air isn’t lost because, after going through a filter, it returns to the machine. So this machine is “environmentally friendly”, it uses less energy than other roasters, which also means a very important reduction in the gas bill, another strong point.

Reason number 2: It is consistent

Consistency is a key feature as well. When I say consistency is in relation to the other machines with drum roaster and so I really think that this alternative is better. Drum roaster machines, mainly work with a transfer of conductive heat, the beans are roasted when they touch the wall of the drum. Instead, the Loring goes by convection, which means you’re working with air. If we put 10kg of coffee in a conventional drum machine, we need each and every one of those coffee beans to hit the drum so they are uniformly roasted, and 10 kg of grains are a lot of grains.

With the Loring, we can be more consistent thanks to the fact that with the air we achieve maximum heat transfer. If we don’t depend on all the small coffee beans hitting the wall of the drum, we can roast them evenly, which I think is a very great advantage. Result: great color, great taste.

Reason number 3: Cleanliness

The Loring is an extremely clean toaster for both: the coffee and the environment. What you have in a conventional toaster, inevitably, is a multitude of small sources of heat under the drum, polluting the environment in which the coffee is being roasted, making the coffee less clean, and we don’t want that. The cleanliness affects the quality of roasting: this is an equitable distribution of roasting in terms of color to a much lighter degree.

Reason number 4: Innovation

Another key in this company is the level of innovation. It’s important for me to work with people who want to progress and move forward. There are many characteristics that make the difference: the burner system is updated, the screen is updated, the software is updated and they continue to investigate to find new ways to improve when many other brands tend simply to stay where they are.
This is to bet on the future, we want to work with companies that we believe in and we are always hoping to be surprised with the next level of innovation, because this part of this industry was the one that was lagging behind, in contrast to all other aspects of specialty coffee which are going pretty well.

Café tostado Lorin

If for you, your coffee is the best because of the way you roast it, this is really one of the most valid alternatives.

Technical characteristics

• Touchscreen and PID provide
burner operation and
fan speeds
• Profiles can be saved and
repeat consistently
• Fully automated roasting process
The burner toasts the beans and
incinerates the smoke
• High-speed cooling tray,
reduces the cooling time while
protect the grains
• Up to 80% fuel savings and
reduction of greenhouse gases
in each toast, compared to
conventional roasters.

Xavi con la LORIN

I am the official distributor of this wonder in Spain, don’t hesitate to contact me for any question you may have, I will be happy to extend myself more for you. A coffee hug.

Xavi Iglesias

A lover with coffee and service

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  • Constantino Ortega on Friday October 11th, 2019

    Soy productor de café en Perù,deseo cotización de tostadora de un promedio de 5 kgs. por tanda. Gracias

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