Grand Chef / Waiter of the Year Contest 2018

The awaited final arrived!

The winners

Álvaro Salazar, the chef of the Argos restaurant in Mallorca, won the first prize in the seventh edition of the Cook of the Year contest, which was displayed last week at Alimentaria. Asier Alcalde, from the restaurant Laia in Hondarribia and Rubén Osorio, from the Ergo restaurant, in Miranda de Ebro, came in second and third place. And our special congratulations to Ángela Marulanda, from Murcia, who was the winner of the third edition of the Waiter of the Year contest, also in the scenario of Hostelco that we have lived intensely this last week.

The awards

Concurso camarero del año

Álvaro Salazar received a check for € 6,000. Asier Alcalde, who was in second place, received € 3,000 and Rubén Osorio, the third, € 1,500 and the other 5 colleagues, € 500. Let’s go with our champion: Ángela Marulanda, who successfully passed the brewing tests, cocktails, table setting, preparation of a coffee combination, plus the theoretical ones, it really was very difficult. As a reward, she got a check for € 2,000 (although I would have given her 20,000!) Angela has hotel training and she teaches courses in various centers for customer service and food hygiene. Seh has also worked in restaurants such as Trial Venue, Pura Cepa, Keki Tapería, La Alborada or Casablanca. She has been the regional champion of Restaurant professionals in the region of Murcia in 2016 and national vice-champion of Heads of Restaurant and Maîtres de España the same year.

The most excellent jury

jueces camarero del año

The jury of the cooking contest consisted of Martín Berasategui, Jordi Cruz, Oriol Castro, Sebastian Frank, Raúl Resino, Joaquín Baeza, Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, Álvaro Garrido, Xanty Elías, José Carlos Capel, Júlia Pérez and Jaime Castellón. The jury of the contest waiter of the year was composed of César Cánovas, Pablo Sacerdotte, María Casellas, Pedro Monje, Arnau Barba, Manu Iturregi, José Manuel González, Adriana Chia, Antonio Chacón, Mariano Castellanos and, well, me.

Good recognition

The Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Environment, Javier Celdrán, stressed that “the work of Angela Marulanda is an example of the quality of professionals in the Region of Murcia, which every day make the tourism sector and hospitality a benchmark at a national level”. Along with the representative from Murcia, competed in the final Omar Echaure, from Singularis in Riojaforum (Logroño); Cristhian Illan Ramírez, from the Workshop Del Cacique restaurant (Madrid), and Arnau Puig, maître at the ABaC restaurant (Barcelona).


I loved scoring all the semifinals and reaching the final. To witness the great enthusiasm of the boys and girls who have participated. It was a pleasure to see the evolution and the great progress they made, for me all of them are champions. This recognition is important since it contributes a lot to the positive evolution of the restaurant, and to grow the hope that the service will take its course towards a respect and harmony with the kitchen work. I am grateful for having participated in the passion that they put in it and for the great joy that gave me being there to see it. Oh! and I loved, even more, the winner was a girl! Congratulations to all!

Here I leave a link to the video where you can see an excellent summary.

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Xavi Iglesias

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