The success of combining Hostelco with Alimentaria

Hostelco + Alimentaria: wow wow wow

The Alimentaria and Hostelco salons -the fairs specialized in the hospitality sector- closed its doors this year in an edition that has been larger and more impressive than ever. A mega space with one hundred thousand square meters of exhibitions, in which 4,500 companies have participated (27% came from another 70 countries) and which has also generated a very large economic impact. A success that places this fair at the level of the phones, occupying the 8 pavilions of the huge Fira Gran Vía, and for which a total of 150,000 visitors have passed. Recall that our sector represents more than 25% of Spanish GDP, is the first industrial sector in Spain and is, therefore, key in the creation of prosperity and employment. For its part, Catalonia is one of the main European agri-food clusters. Let´s go on, there is still a lot of work to be done in our world.

What’s new

This edition has focused basically on innovation, with the appearance of very innovative products. This has led to very interesting collaborations between our sector and the university, with new and delicious ideas to meet the boom of veganism or with prototypes of natural drinks for fans of a healthy lifestyle. No one dares to ignore the powerful demand of a consumer who is looking for healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into their lives and their diet, and finally, all sectors of the industry have started their engines.

Let´s eat healthily

The products with labels eco, veggie, without and bio have been definitely the stars of this edition, and the undisputed protagonists of the main novelties, confirming a new social demand and that something has changed in the consumption habits of people. We want to take care of ourselves more, to do more sport, to feel better; and many have realized that the types of food most compatible with this purpose are the flexitarian, the vegetarian and the vegan diets (have you seen this about veggies). The brands are aware and strongly bet for a market niche that doesn´t stop growing. We have seen great things and curiosities like veggie fuet, cheese without milk, oats displacing soy, substitutes of yogurt made with coconut oil, and even a vegetarian mortadella made with egg white and olive oil. And nobody dares to ignore the vegans anymore, there were also sausages for them made with pea protein. Imagine how happy this group will be, that not long ago had it very difficult.

The farms are filled with love

There is a greater awareness of compassion for animals and their living conditions, and this is seen in the labels of new products that say concepts such as: “in freedom, happy, fed with organic grain”, and things like that. Obviously, something treated with such care will result in a product that is not only healthier, but also more tasty and nutritious. Food of ecological origin, definitely the most demanded.

The one who demands is the one who commands

All phases of the food cycle have had their place in this salon: transformation, production, packaging, logistics, distribution, catering and, of course, the consumer. And it’s a new consumer profile, one that -thanks to the superabundance of information that comes through technology- is smarter and more demanding than ever, and that’s why everyone in the sector is so focused and applied in improve, improve and improve. By the way, during the fair, it was possible to see an interesting fusion between gastronomy and technology, with the emergence of entrepreneurs who came out with “crazy” apps for businesses to publish offers of their surplus or to share Tupper at work, sparkly.


The super edition of this year, with this “romance” between Alimentaria and Hostelco, has made friends more than ever, ours is a sector in constant improvement, innovation, and growth. We are the good news for the economy and we love it. Till another post.

Xavi Iglesias

We all do the restaurant and we all do as clients


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